In his latest weekly address — headlined “Bad Tax Policy Forces Maine Families to Flee to Other States” — Gov. Paul LePage said he received a letter from a 67-year-old Westbrook man named Robert who said he and his wife Marti are “being forced” to move to Texas or Florida, which both have no income tax, due to Maine’s “high taxes.” The couple “worked very hard to become successful,” according to the governor, and, “living in either of those states for six months and a day would save them thousands of dollars a year.… Even if they kept their home in Maine … eliminating their Maine income tax is enough to pay the ownership costs for their home down south.”

“Robert and Marti are not alone,” said LePage. “They are just two of many Mainers like them who feel they have no other choice but to leave.… Robert said he is grateful the only thing standing between the Legislature and his bank account is me.”

The number of millionaires living in Maine has actually increased in recent years. In 2013, there were about 26,276 millionaire households, marking an increase of 2,012 over the year before, according to market research firm Phoenix Marketing International. A 2014 analysis of IRS tax records by the Maine Center for Economic Policy found that Maine experienced a net gain from New Hampshire of 1,787 tax families comprising $145 million in income between 1996 and 2010.