It’s pretty rich when the Donald, a so-called president, goes before the nation to decry and condemn acts of discrimination and violence that are becoming increasingly prevalent in our country — while at the same time avoiding any acknowledgement of his direct role in contributing to this disturbing state of affairs. Throughout his campaign and into the early stages of his administration he has continually spewed hateful and bigoted rants aimed at inciting cultural divisions and suspicions of minorities, immigrants, and those seeking asylum. White supremacists like David Duke and other hateful organizations and actors have openly expressed their admiration for the Donald and his cronies, and have indicated that they feel more emboldened than ever to join him in spewing hateful rhetoric and deeds. In Maine, we have seen a resurgence of activity by the Ku Klux clan. How disheartening and alarming.

If the Donald wishes to be taken seriously in his condemnation, he needs to admit his culpability and apologize to all Americans. Otherwise, his words are no more that hypocritical window dressing. He is the sick arsonist who fans the flames, cries fire, and then seeks to present himself as a noble first-responder. It just does not wash, and he should be ashamed.  

Neal Guyer, Thomaston