What a proud night for Rockland on Monday! Standing room only in City Council chambers! Just when I wondered if our country could make its way back from all the hate and bigotry that has filled these last 10 months or so, Rockland yelled “Yes, we can!” What a moving four hours of respectful testimony and discussion on Rockland’s Diversity Resolve — a commitment to promoting an open, respectful, and healthy community. I want to thank all those folks who worked so hard to create this wonderful document, to Councilor Glaser for sponsoring it, to Becca Glaser for promoting it, to all those businesses and organizations who signed on, to all those who came out to speak on the resolve, to all those who lent their bodies in support by showing up, and to City Council members for allowing an open discussion — true democracy at work. What could be better? As some said so eloquently — it is a document of aspiration; it speaks of our values. May it spread from community to community to community. Rockland residents gave me hope Monday night and I am grateful to all of you for that. 

Leslie G. Poole, Rockland